Choose the right tool for the job...


removes weeds from cracks or narrow spaces

between bricks, pavers,

edging, or in gravel drives

Two indispensible weeding tools. The orange handled claw weeder with its narrow serrated edged blade raked between pavers pulls weeds out by their roots. The red handled knife has a sharp outer side for cutting out weeds in tight corners and an inner side that clears weeds and moss when run down joints.

More Specialized Weeding Tools

Crack weeder removes weeds between pavers
A larger, heavy-duty and more comfortable tools for weeding between narrow spaces or for edging or cutting sod. Total length is 12". The comfortable no-slip grip handle will allow you to weed for hours without tiring fingers or hand.  beveled cutting edge on both inside and outside edges. A useful weeder for general all-around weeding tasks.

Crack Weeder   $12.50  
Claw weeder all purpose weeding tool
The same tool that is part of the Patio Weeder Set--an extremely successful all-around weeding tool. Especially effective in removing bunch rooted weeds such as grasses and clovers. By inserting the serrated stainless steel claw just below the weed's crown, tugging at the plant with the opposite hand while pulling (or twisting) the handle, you can quickly and effectively remove the weed with (often) its entire root system. The serrated blade grips the roots and can even be used to saw off small deeply rooted tree saplings beneath their growth point.  At 8 1/4" long the Claw can be conveniently carried in a pocket or pouch to be available whenever you're in the garden.

Claw Weeder    $9.00   

                                              HAND SICKLE

One of our Top-Selling Weeding Tools..
Insert the sharp finely serrated blade of the hand sickle into the soil to make contact with the weed's root... and pull both the sickle and the above-ground part of the weed
simultaneously. Using this technique most weeds can easily be removed completely. If the weed has a deep taproot, or your soil is heavy clay, insert the blade to cut off its root far below the surface and yank the weed out. This handy tool is also great for trimming grass in tight spots where the mower won't reach. Use the hand sickle for most all weeding chores and quick trimming and dead-heading. The very sharp steel blade retains sharpness even with a lot of digging through soil. The yellow wooden handle makes this tool easy to find when left in the garden.
hand sickle weeder

 Hand Sickle           $11.50     

EZ Digger weeding and planting/cultivating tool

EZ-DIGGERTM   a unique all-purpose garden tool of Korean origin. It digs, weeds, and thins. Dig holes for planting and transplanting, open and close rows, loosen soil around plants. The curve of the pointed blade allows soil to be thrown to the side like a plow and will leverage thickly rooted weeds up for easy removal. The design makes simple work of trenching. The edges of the blade are used to level, mound and loosen soil and cover seeds.  Use to tear up sod, remove heavily rooted weeds, turn dirt back from sidewalk edges and for defining bed edges for mulching. It will cut through landscaping fabric to insert plants, grub out weeds, and move and smooth soil and mulch. A most versatile garden tool.


 EZ Digger      $16.95    

 EZ DIGGER on long reach 54" HARDWOOD HANDLE  is a tool that will save your back. It has the same blade as the EZ Digger but is mounted on a 54" handle.

$29.95     PURCHASE

SPECIAL PRICE: order both short handle and long handle EZ Digger and SAVE!


long handled stirrup hoe or hula for surface weeding

A far better tool for weeding than the regular flat garden hoe. The sharp steel blade skims horizontally below the soil surface, slicing through weed roots while leaving the soil in place. The blade is designed to have a little play in it — the famous "hula wiggle" — so that it cuts at the correct angle on both backward and forward strokes. Works like a charm, quickly covering a lot of ground with minimal effort ---even good on up-rooting weeds growing in driveway or parking areas that are surfaced with fine stone. 54" hardwood handle.

 STIRRUP HOE            $18.95

Grape hoe weeds large areas effiiciently



Fast and efficient weeding tool!
The Grape Hoe is the tool offering the fastest way to weed large areas--and it is also a great tool for moving loose soil. The 8" specially tempered sharpened blade is set at the perfect angle for easy weeding and cultivating. It can be used to slice or chop even the toughest weeds & grasses. The Grape Hoe is a quick, efficient weeder for large areas, garden paths, around trees and is also a great aid as soil cultivator and mover in preparing beds.

The tempered forged steel head is set at the precise angle for efficient weeding and cultivating.

Comes with a 5 foot long Ash handle made in USA

Italian Grape Hoe     $28.95


10" Stainless Steel weeding hoe with an extremely sharp blade.
Effective for detailed work around garden plants.
A very popular weeding tool.

Weeding Hoe             $10.95          


Stick 'n' Kick Weeder
Stick 'n' Kick Weeder

STICK the tip (6) of this tool into the soil at the base of the weed up to the governor (5); then KICK the rubber base (4) and watch the weed fly--roots and all!

Stick 'n' Kick Weeder       $26.00

A more deeply serrated version of the Hand Sickle featured above (7 cutting teeth per inch--vs. 14 on the hand sickle) .The 6 1/2" serrated blade of this Root Sickle inserted into the soil will cut stubborn roots deep below the surface.

Root Cutter Sickle            $11.75


This multipurpose soil knife can be used to weed, plant, divide perennials, and even cut sod.  The beveled blade functions as a trowel and is marked for depth measurement for easy planting. The 7" blade (5" wood handle) has a sharp edge and a serrated edge which can be used for sawing to remove tough roots or for cutting through landscape fabric. Unlike most trowels, this tool has a sharp point which goes into the soil smoothly for getting to long tap-rooted weeds. The Hori Hori is a favorite tool of master gardeners. Vinyl sheath is included.

The 7" Stainless steel blade, 5" wooden handle. long handled version is made of carbon steel and has an 8" wood handle.

stainless steel hori hori with holster

 Stainless Steel Hori Hori     $26.30

long handle steel hori hori with holster

  Long Handled Hori Hori      $25.00     PURCHASE

Zenport weeder similar to asparagus knife


15" long weeder. This sturdy, heavy duty weeder, modeled after the asparagus knife, is built for rugged use. The unbreakable one piece design features a sharp "V" cutting end and extra long comfort grip handle The bend is perfect for giving additional leverage with a downward thrust to remove weeds completely. Stainless.

Zenport Weeder            $12.95


Soil Knife and holder with belt loop

This New Deluxe Zenbori Combo is a Soil Knife combined with a tough Sheath made of durable ballistic nylon. The sheath is designed with a slit for belt slip-through. This tool--great for cutting, transplanting, and digging--has a stainless steel serrated 6" blade with depth measurement for bulb planting. The serrations are very sharp and superb for easily cutting roots.  

Deluxe Zenbori Combo            $19.95

Above are some of the best weeders.

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